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Silence is Golden

Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t exactly advertise my interest in anime. Actually I am not the type to advertise my interest in anything. I don’t suppose that it is really anyone’s business.

That being said—you might well be able to imagine that, faced with an unknown (or even relatively unknown) new group of people, I am not the best conversationalist.

I do, however, LOVE listening to other people talk. One of my favorite games to play with new people is listening to them talk, forming my (often unflattering) opinions of them and then watching to see who and/or what does or does not pan out.


...Perhaps. :)

So there we were, sitting, too many people crowded around a little square table for anyone to really be comfortable and myself personality watching. The redhead obviously wasn’t going to be a favorite of mine. I had never met anyone quite so capable of admitting that they were on a first name basis with the director of IHS so early in a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with either them, or the IHS.

Name-dropping and horn-tooting reside rather low on my list of admirable personality traits.

The conversation on the other side of me, however, was much more interesting. The two token males of our little soirée had somehow managed to finagle it so that they were sitting next to each other and had soon began chatting away about, of all things, anime.

They already had a good part of my attention when they brought up Cowboy Bebop. That actually increased with the mention of FLCL.

By the time Witch Hunter Robin entered the conversation, a small warhead could have detonated in the middle of any of the little mini-conversations about the table without my even noticing.

Man 1: Yes, I’ve seen bits of that one but I haven’t really been able to follow it.
Man 2: Were’d you see it? TV...?
Man 1: *sheepishly* Hehehe...yeah...Adult Swim
Man 2: Hehehe...yeah.

(At least I’m not the only [semi]professional who feels a little vulnerable admitting I [occasionally] watch Adult Swim).

Man 2: I like it. A lot. What I’ve seen of it anyway.
Man 1: Yeah. It looks good.
Man 2: I wish I had the whole series.

Jamalyn: *her tongue acting in unaccountable ways* I’ve got it, it’s great. Especially the part where Amon helps Robin escape. And the ending. God. What do you call a double-double cross?

Man 1: ...
Man 2: ...

Jamalyn: Heh. I guess that’s what you call it. ... A double-double cross... that is... *uncomfortable smile*

Man 1: ...
Man 2: Cool!
Man 1: Dude. I was not expecting that. *smiles*

Jamalyn: ... *smiles*

In the end I was able to retreat back into my silence with only a minimum of embarrassment. In fact, no one else at the table seemed to have even noticed our (their) little conversation.

Not that that is too terribly surprising.

Still, it is always nice to occasionally meet a kindred spirit.

Or two. :)

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