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The sun has come out. Today.


The sun burst forth this afternoon in all its milky-yellow goodness. It had been so long that I had almost forgotten what that kind of warmth felt like. Almost.

I opened the window, and, napping in the slatted glow, found that I was happier than I’ve been in too long of a while. :)

The Jrock center for the Insane by hibiemi
Patient Number:30,053,702,545,264
Caught ForWriting fanfiction
Your treatment isConstant Kimono wearing
Your Doctor isJiro (GLAY)
Your Nurse isShinya (Dir En Grey)
You escape byStealing Lida's costume
And then...Kagrra chase after you in their kimonos
Quiz created with MemeGen!

That’s so right... and yet... so very wrong...


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