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Quiz et al.


What Type of Yaoi Fanfic Writer Are You?

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Casual does not even begin to describe me. I’d almost say that I have stopped writing, only—I haven’t. I’ve just stopped writing with a purpose. Understand?

No, I doubt you do. As always, I am being (unintentionally) obtuse.

I write continuously.

Give me three spare moments (long enough to open my spiral) and I am writing.

Only…Good luck stringing together any sort of rhyme or reason. I suppose that I should say that my writing is representative of my thoughts.

Spirals, stacks and stacks of spirals have I filled with pointless ponderings. Everything from tidbits I would like to remember to lists of what I am going to do when I get home, what I’ve eaten that day, what I intend on purchasing from Wal-mart three days hence.

Strange? Yes.

Anyone who spends any length of time with me is bound to notice my particular quirk and ask: What?

I’ve rarely shared the contents of my spirals and never shared them intentionally.

They really are my thoughts, private. And even I don’t really understand this (itch) I have to capture as many as possible on paper. It is almost as if there is this part of me desperately afraid that if I don’t have this hard copy, some tool to reference, I will somehow loose them all, that they will float out my ears and drift off in to space, never to be seen or heard from again.

Of course, I know that that is just silly.

I know.

But knowing does nothing to stop the nervous twitch, the fear that somehow, someday, my spirals will be gone and then—poof—so will any history of me.

I guess that I am afraid of being forgotten, if only by myself.

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