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Maybe I am a masochist at heart...



It seems as if more and more people are going "Friends Only" on their blogs as of late. To be honest, it is a trend I have a hard time understanding (though I have no doubts that every last Friends Only-ier has what they believe to be a good reason for going thusly).

I don't think that "Friends Only" is a bad thing, persay.

But it is certianly the trend.

So different from when online blogging began...

I can honestly say that I have never even considered making this journal friends only; that I have never typed anything here that I would not defend to my last breath to anyone who dared naysay my thoughts. :)

I've been called opinionated. I've been called much, much worse.

Hm... (again). I suppose that there is a part of me that actually likes being called to the carpet (so to speak), that wants to be forced to put into words how it is that I actually feel on any given subject.

It helps me solidify my thoughts, helps me to come to terms with what it is I really believe and how I really feel. Having to explain to someone else why I do what I do or believe what I believe garners me a stronger grasp of just what it is I am doing and/or believing and helps me see the holes in my logic (or the complete lack thereof).

And so here I will promise, that no matter what, or who ever happens to land here, this journal will be forever open to the public to comment, ridicule or mock as they see fit. :)

But never, and I do mean never, expect me to take it quitely. Understand?

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