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Okay kiddos: A story just for you.

I have this friend. Let’s call her Mai, because Mai is her name. She’s a very important friend, mostly because she gives me rides to and from work and tells me when to do my laundry and go to the grocery store. Very important.

So anyway, she recently lost her name badge. Now this is not a critical problem, as her name is embroidered on her lab coat, and that counts as identification too. (Because, kiddos, no one can walk into the unlocked lounge, up to one of the un-lockable [but still ironically named] lockers and take a random lab coat. Never!!)

But these badges are convenient (see my earlier post on the value of convenience) in that they can be clipped on and off of what ever you are wearing and in Texas heat, removing even one light layer can make one feel a hundred times better. In valley girl speech: It’s totally like a mental thing! Ya!

Unfortunately, Mai had lost hers, and remembering the days of yore as filled with euphoric coat removing bliss, drove down to the nearest Office Max to have a new one made. (Again, I ask, what’s to keep some utter nutter from getting his or her own? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. But then, maybe I’ve just been watching too much YnM and the world isn’t really full of psychotic doctors and doctor want-to-be’s out to kill, kill, kill.)

Today was Mai’s first day with the new badge, and pulling it off as we got in the car she tossed it into the little compartment above the rearview mirror so as too keep it safe, not wanting to cough up the $6.15 it would take to get it replaced yet another time so soon.

It landed with the very unexpected CLINK of metal hitting metal. Confused, Mai reaches up and into the compartment, and pulls out not one, but two name badges, stuck to each other by their magnets.

And then I remembered.

It had been a nasty, sticky, steamy summer day and both of us were in a don’t look at me, don’t touch me kind of mood because it just happened to be the day that we were forced to park at the very back of the zoo parking lot because of some animal function or other. (Zoo = Free Parking)

Mai claimed that having the metal backing of the badge against her skin felt too weird, and so, instead of waiting until she reached home and could stick the badge to her fridge like she normally did, she snapped it off and tossed in the high compartment.

It seemed like such a good plan at the time. Her exact words were, “That should be safe.”

Unfortunately, the heat had, apparently, caused a mental melt down of sorts, and by the next morning neither of us could remember where that blasted badge had gotten off to.

Until this evening, that is.

I’d like to say we both handled the situation as maturely as possible, but no. I laughed at her and she turned all the air-conditioning vents off of me and told me to, “Just shut-up,” or I’d never feel the air-conditioning again.


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