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Inui's Research

Alright, first of all, I have to apologize. If you haven’t seen PoT (Tennis no Ohjisama), do not read this fic-let. If you have seen PoT…you shouldn’t read this fic-let.

Having said that, if the dialogue seems a little off, that’s because I’ve only seen PoT in Japanese and so, I only hear the characters in Japanese (even in my head). Yes, it’s screwed up. Yes, that has kept me from writing for more than one series. :) So if it seems like an overly rough translation, that is because it is.

Second: this is short, this is pointless, and (most of all) this is plot-less. There is no character development (so follow the characters as they are written for the show) and it does not fit into the timeline of the series in any particular place.

Third (and final): this was written on a whim, mostly to stop a silly little plot bunny from nibbling away at my synapses (it hurts!), and as such has not been edited, will not be edited and will never be expanded or even looked at again. :) Fair warning. I post this for much the same reason alcoholics like to go to bars—it helps me rationalize my addiction.

Title: Inui’s Research
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I count pills. I don’t own tennis-boys.

“Hey, Inui,” Eiji called, waving an open hand before said player’s eyes, “Hey!”

Inui glanced up from his open notebook, “Eiji?”

“He-he,” the red head grinned, flashing Inui a peace sign, “Game’s over. Six to four. O-chibi-chan wins.”

“Aa,” Inui acknowledged the news briefly before returning to his work.

“Hey!” Eiji protested, this time loud enough to garner himself sidelong glances from Momoshiro and Fuji. “What’s so important? Data?”

“No,” Inui answered shortly, twisting on the bench so that he now had his back to Eiji before continuing his fast paced scribbling, only increasing Eiji’s curiosity.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Eiji did his best to get either a good look or a solid grasp at or on Inui’s notebook, failing miserably before the well-trained tennis player.

“Ah, Eiji…” Oshi did his best to distract his exuberant partner, “Its doubtful...”

“Tell me!” Eiji begged Inui, crocodile tears running down his face, “Don’t be so mean!”

Inui sighed, pinning Eiji with a glinting glare. “Fanfiction,” he announced, ignoring the confused mummers of the Segaku tennis club.

“Fan-fic-tion?” Eiji pronounced carefully.

“Aa” Inui answered, “Fan-fic-tion. Fictional stories written by a fan. Fanfiction may be about any group or person, real or made up.”

“Made up?”

“Aa. Like a television character. You see?”

“Ah! So cool!” Eiji grinned, “Who do you write about, eh?”

Inui glanced at the open notebook before shutting it and placing it in his tennis bag, “Echizen.”

“Eh?” The shock seemed universal, with only Fuji and Tezuka failing to react in any outward manner.

“Aa,” Inui smiled, an evil glint reflecting from the corners of his eye glasses, “Echizen and ...” He trailed off with a light chuckle before standing and, taking his bag, walking back towards the Segaku bus.

“Hn,” the remaining members of Team Segaku turned to look at Echizen who now stood with his back against the wire mesh of the tennis court, his expression entirely non-nonplussed as he announced for all, “Mada, mada dane.”

Happy New Year!
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