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Top 10 things that I have learned from Prince of Tennis:

1. There are villains, and then there are tennis villains. Never should the two be confused.

2. The further you get into a series like this, the less the laws of gravity apply.

3. Tennis must be more fun to play than to watch (or may god have mercy on their souls).

4. Thank heaven for pointless filler episodes.

5. Real men wear pink, and sometimes, prancing pansies do so as well.

6. Sometimes you really did have to rush a pregnant woman to the hospital (and sometimes you didn’t).

7. There is nothing scarier than punishment tea.

8. Really great tennis players sparkle (and it’s not gay—yeah right).

9. Hit a tennis ball hard enough and you’ll cause a rip in the space-time continuum.

10. Made made dane.

This image was blatantly stolen from PoT Screencap Recaps and I think that it does an absolutely wicked job of expressing what is so very wrong about PoT. :)

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