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I remember you...

*Knocks on the internet’s door lightly before opening it and peeking around the corner.*


It’s been a while (and it seems longer than it has really been), but I believe we now have regular internet service (be it dial up—I’ll survive).

We came. We saw. We complained and complained and complained ‘till we conquered.

Yeah. You take five relatively intelligent people and put them in the middle of no where with no real television, no internet service and the closest Barnes and Noble an hour and a half away and you see how much work they get done. :p

Its become a bit of and obsession for all of us but it is T. and I who are leading the nut-ball work-for-email campaign.

I love these people. (They’re absolute nut-cases and thus I get this warm, fuzzy, family like love from and for all of them). I believe in what I am working on and want to see it through to the end. But for god’s sake: Don’t ask me to not check email! I don’t mind the cut-off-from-the-real-world part (rather like it actually), but give me my tasteofhome.com and amazon and ebay. :)

I was thinking about everyone at MHMRC the other day. I miss them, too (they were crazy, too).

It’s fun to move on, to try something totally different. It is scary and exciting and nauseating and tiring and interesting. I meld very well with my new (coworkers? collegues? friends?). I love working with E. again, if only to drive him batty by dredging up old news and names. I love listening to him play Hotel California on his guitar despite the fact that he’s “got better things to do than sit around and entertain [me] all day.”

J. amuses me because for someone so focused, so intent on solving our little quandary, so very quiet and shy, he sure does have a beautiful voice and a vast knowledge of music from the 1980’s.

A. is your classic ball-of-energy red-head, bless him, who sometimes reminds me of Simon, albeit with less cruelty and a greater love for the game of volleyball. (I know what you are thinking: Volleyball? Yeah. That was my first question, too, and the answer is, surprisingly: No).

And T. and I are well on our way to becoming sisters-in-arms. She is the loud and kinetic counterpart to my quiet and calculating crazy. Put the two of us together and you’ve got a monster not only capable of coming up with devious demands but also more than capable of undertaking whatever is necessary to see them carried out. She is a marathon runner and outdoor-sey rock climber who loves to zinger E. (and he back).

It’s a war I love to watch.

So anyway, that’s the low-down, if you will. Sorry it’s taken me six or seven (or possibly more—I cannot see my calendar from here) weeks to finally get around to updating you on my life. Look for me to start trying to catch up on yours.

After all, my need to live vicariously through your posts will never vanish.

I’ve missed you all, too,

P.S. Should you ever get the chance to watch Heat Guy J I strongly suggest you do so. It's kind of a Cowboy Bebop meets Witch Hunter Robin meets Metropolis goof fest. It's poignant and funny.


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