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Forgive me my lies...

That update I promised...

I lied.


I ran out of time. :) That seems to be happening more and more lately.

But other than that, everything seems to be going smoothly. Time’s a bit crunched currently, but that’s only because we wanted to be a little bit closer to our goal by Christmas than it looks like we will be. Oh well, such is life (just try explaining that to a group of anal-retentive perfectionists—or worse yet—a mathematician)!

I flew into Houston (and by flew I mean drove in my mad-cap, bat-outta-hell kind of way) only to realize how much I miss seeing that smoky/smoggy light-pollution producing skyline. What has this city done to me? I guess it really has become home.

But even that cannot stop me from leaving again in a few hours. :) It cannot be helped I suppose.

On a slightly more upbeat note: I happened across the blog of another person named Jamalyn.

To be perfectly frank, I was infinitely surprised to even find another person named Jamalyn. :p

I did not leave a reply to any of her posts, mostly because there wasn’t much there that interested me (we haven’t much in common—other than our names, of course), but it still managed to amuse me for a few minutes as I waited for Mai to arrive (we went to go see The Polar Express in 3-D imax. 3-D imax is not made for people with glasses and The Polar Express was not for me).

You can read Jamalyn’s (not this Jamalyn—that Jamalyn) blog here.

I will fill you in on what is and/or has happened.


I promise.


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