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There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. ~Frank Zappa

I have an un-godly number of quotes and sayings, mostly because I lack the wit to come up with my own. I don't understand my preoccupation with them, but it has always been there. Bits and pieces, or entire sayings. I've got them stored on my computer, sticky-noted to a poster on the wall (it's an all gray picture of some clouds that I got at the contemporary arts museum--a place I regularly visit to assure myself that not only am I better than the rest of the world, but that I am not so easily suckered in that I would willingly believe that such tripe is art).

But that's neither here nor there.

Do I have anything to say? No. To be honest, I'm just using this as something to keep me from pacing about my apartment (the ultimate act of bored futility).

I'm down. I had Blacky all to myself for the last two days while A. was away, but now he's home and he has taken Blacky back. I don't know why this bothers me. To be honest, it will be nice not to have to fight for the right to use my pillow or wake up with a mouthful of very dry, very long, very shed-y cat hair. (Do not fight for your pillow. You will not win).

And Blacky definitely did not like my singing along with the television, that I claimed any right to the pillow or that I wouldn't let him lick the condensation off of my tea glass.

All in all, he was a damned snobby cat.

But it is nice to know that, technically, you are not talking to yourself.

Below is not Blacky, but rather Parkermon, so named because of a simultaneous interest in both The Pretender and Digimon, Digital Monsters. She was sitting outside the garden center of a Walmart and kept trying to run in every time someone went through the sliding doors. They were about to call animal control when I said I would take her. She made me forget that I was supposed to be buying toilet paper, much to my later dismay. Then I moved to a place that did not allow pets (excluding fish) and so I sent her to my parents'.

I'm sure she's in hog heaven living on a farm. But I miss watching her exterminate all the terrible (and invisible) monsters that lurk around kitchens in the early mornings.


I can really blame my cat focus as of late on the animal shelter. Apparently June is adopt-a-cat month and they keep advertising a 2-for-1 deal. Really. You go to the shelter, pick out one cat and you get a second for free. It's whack. And it rubs my nose in the fact that I cannot.
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