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She rambles...

“I didn’t know that they called the wife of the UK’s prime minister a “first lady” too.” I mentioned to AnhMai over lunch.

“I don’t think that they do.”

She didn’t even bother to lookup, so I insisted: “No, they do…” I became confused with my words, “do…” and then my logic, “I think. Ahh…”

“Says who?” AnhMai interrupted my thinking. She has never been one to let my uncertain English get to her.

“Forbes’ list of the most powerful women in the world.”

“Personification?” she laughed.

“You know what I mean,” I complained. Never frustrate someone who’s just frustrated them self.

“Well then,” she quipped, “I suppose that they must! Forbes wouldn’t lie.”

“Bite me.” I answered.

If I had not been so hungry, she would have gotten a peanut butter sandwich in the face. :-p


I was driving in a part of town that neither of us has much reason to frequent so it was very surprising when, as I pulled to a stop at a light, I looked over and noticed her driving in the next lane. I honked, hoping that she would, as she did, notice me as she looked around to see what kind of an idiot honks at a red light. When I had her attention, I rolled down my window, and in the most obscene manner I could manage, bit my thumb.

Her jaw dropped, and for almost a full second she was motionless. Then she was all movement, reaching for her phone, scrolling through the numbers, hitting send.

I almost didn’t answer, but lack of common sense got the better of me. When I did:

“Did you just bite your thumb at me?!” She demanded.

“No Sir!” I answered, “I did not bite my thumb at you. I bit my thumb at him, sir.” I nodded at the car on the opposite side of her.

“Oh. My. God.” She complained, “What are you, like 600?”

And with that, I hung up. Partly because the light had just turned green, but mostly because I was laughing too hard to breath, much less come up with a suitable retort.

Yeah. I cheat.


I made reference to a case today, noting, specifically the “geropsychiatric issues.” The man I was speaking with laughed, remarking on my use of such a big word.

“Yeah,” I told him, “I stole it from someone. I like it.”

He laughed again, “I can’t believe you just told me you stole a word from somebody. I like it, too.”

Who says we pharmacists are dull?

Oh yeah, me. :-p Heh.

geropsychiatric, geropsychiatric, geropsychiatric

Try it, it’s fun.


I was reading a paper today when I came across the following: “A fall can be defined as a ‘sudden, unintentional change in position causing an individual to land at a lower level, on an object, the floor, or the ground, other than as a consequence of sudden onset paralysis, epileptic seizure, or overwhelming external force.’”

For the sake of this entry, I am going to assume that overwhelming external force means you did not fall but rather, were pushed.

This extremely, exceedingly, extraordinarily, exceptionally (you get the picture) dry definition of a fall CRACKED ME UP!

This! This is why my creative juices have all but dried up; because I am always surrounded with literary rubbish like this! Who can spend their evenings writing creatively when they spend their days wading knee-deep through such dull, pretentious nonsense? Really!

And what does it say of me that I’ve finally been pushed to the point where I actually find humor in such banal musings? Eh?

I’ve cracked.

Or they’ve broken me.

Either way, I can’t help but feel doomed.

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