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I think I may have hurt my heart.

Okay, I save every email I get from real people (i.e. not spam-bots). I know that it is strange, even neurotic, but you don’t know what fun, and, not to mention, how useful that can be.

Document! Document! Document!! ;)

Anyway, I was cleaning through some old files when I ran across some old (2001) gems from That Girl. Yes, you know who you are. They are priceless. You were so different then. I was so different then. I can barely see myself in that person. I miss that person.

But anyway, 2001 marked my introduction into the world of Digimon by none other than That Girl and thus began the flurry of emails from basic questions about the series (I arrived late—Ken was just turning good) to fanart to character’s personalities. One email I especially enjoyed was the following, a collection of Kaiser quotes That Girl sent. I can almost remember why I love this series enough to actually write fanfiction.

It is rather like standing on a precipice. I feel as if I can recapture the person who truly delighted in these characters and their quirky, corny humor then I would be able to write again. I haven’t been able to hack out more than one or two sentences since what ever it was that gave me that nigh complete joy broke.

I think that it is finally time to get things fixed.

{Excerpted from That Girl’s email--}

heres some quotes from day one to kimeramon's defeat...

"Why does everyone question my authority? Does it always have to turn into a great big production?"

Emperor: "Okay Wormmon, what's Plan B?"
Wormmon: ...
Emperor: Well?
Wormmon: We all become friends?
Emperor: That's not Plan B!

Emperor: WHAT?!
Wormmon: "He said 'They destroyed the Control Spire, now you can digivolve.'"
Emperor: "That was just a figure of speech!"

"[laughing] Oh, I am so scared."

"And it isn't long pretty boy, it isn't long." (ROTFLAMO!!!!)

Emperor: You heard me pathetic loser. On your knees and beg. 'Please master, spare my friends.'
Davis: Please master, spare my friends.
Emperor: 'Please master, spare my worthless friends.'
Davis: Please master, spare my worthless friends

Wormmon: "Did you hear the one with the man.. OOF! Guess you heard that one."

"Ken, could I have some help here..? I'm having trouble standing... I'm okay!"

Wormmon: Ken, you give me the chills when you act all tough.
Emperor: Oh be quiet.

"You REALLY don't wanna make me ANGRY!!"

(this one reminds me of you...) "[laughing proudly] Where's my VCR? Oo I wish I was taping this..."

"Get OFF of me...you're sliming up my pants."

"I can't believe they defeated me...how could this happen..."

"Wormmon, you're my best friend...please don't leave me..."

{End Excerpt}

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