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Early morning crankiness

I do not like web-speak. I will be honest.

Chances are, that if you post in web-speak, especially if it is the first post I have ever seen from you (i.e. a n00b—ack, it even hurts to type) I will dismiss anything and everything you have to say without bothering to delve any deeper.

Is this wrong?


It is a hatred that springs from the early days of the internet, from when I first started receiving emails that took longer to decipher than to act on. I have never forgiven web-speak or web-speakers and frankly, do not believe that it in anyway decreases (as was the original justification) the amount of time and/or effort that goes into communicating in this forum.

Let us be honest—most elementary schools have typing programs today. If you do not make it out of junior high school with out a fundamental understanding of computers and basic computer software then you are only fit for a career as a door greeter at Wal-Mart.

Eh. I’m in a harsh mood, yet I do not feel as if I am in any way unjust. Oh well. I guess that’s enough soap-boxing for one morning.

Speaking of soap-boxing: frostywonder… I heard a radio commercial for a movie called I *heart* something (though for the life of me I cannot remember what that something is) and I thought of you. Hehehe.

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