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Maize Maze

Important words of wisdom from Jackie Chan himself, “Remember: A lion can climb up a tree.”


Texans amuse me (and no, not in a bad way): http://www.dewberryfarm.com/maze.htm

There is one supporting Bush/Cheney as well...


We have this relatively new patient on the floor with a history of zoning in and out.

When she is out, she is really out.

When she is in, she is not really in. But when she is in, she is a wanderer, practically a Houdini. She is in the habit of suddenly, and without warning, waking up and wandering off right out from under her nurse or tech’s nose.

It’s really quite funny.

She’s driving them mad.

Yes, I suppose that it only amuses me because I do not have to deal with this woman who’s become not-so-affectionately known as Wandering Wanda.

Earlier yesterday afternoon I heard a slow: shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, and looking up caught a glimpse of Wandering Wanda as she escaped past my door. She turned in my direction and smiled.

Not five minutes later I could hear the intern calling down the hall, quietly so as not to alert the head nurse that he had lost Wanda for the third time this week, “Wanda? Oh Wanda? Where has Wanda gone?” (You’ve actually a decent chance of catching her without a fight if you play like it’s a game).

He passed my door a second later and pausing, asked, “Have you seen Wanda?” I shook my head no, and went back to pretending to be super busy.

Should I have told him?


But I didn’t want to.

So I didn’t.

(Yes—he did catch up with her not three minutes later. She had turned down a hall that dead ended and, tired of the game perhaps, had sat down in the corner to wait to be found).

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