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I ate a banana with lunch today. It was over-ripe and smelled so good.

On the top of the stack of papers left on my desk for Friday’s journal club: Pharmacokinetic/Pharmakodynamic Parameters: Rationale for Antibacterial Dosing of Mice and Men

Hehehe. Someone was having fun.

Kudos to whomever felt secure enough to actually attempt a creative reference in a professional piece. Such brave souls are few and far between (sadly, pharmacists tend to rank very low on the imagination totem pole). :)


Have you ever read Ryu Murakami? I happened across a couple of his books (or perhaps you should call them short stores—I’m not really sure) when I was looking for something from Haruki Murakami. A quick scan showed me that I would probably enjoy them and, in fact, I would have borrowed them, had I not, mere moments later, realized that I had left my library card at home.

Yeah. That is rather pathetic... :p

But anyway, as I was saying, a quick read of the first few pages of a couple of his books made me think I would like them. They were dark and rather violent, with one description of a crushed cockroach making me flinch. Actually, they reminded me of Clockwork Orange, only written in English (which is ironic as they are, in actuality, a translation).

There are times when that appeals to me.

There are times when it does not.

Speaking of Japanese translations: I am in the middle of one called I am a Cat by Soseki. Might I recommend it to anyone who likes to people watch or who happens to be a cat aficionado (or both)? I might. ;) Soseki, or rather, this cat with no name, makes a number of wonderful observations about we strange, strange human creatures, some of which will have you rolling on the floor in laughter only to sit up and have to admit, “Yeah. I’ve been guilty of that one, too.”

It hurts, but its fun.

But then, most of the really great things in life do, but are. :p

After all, that is life, no?

Washington Irving

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