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British News and Games from the People who brought us Plachinko

AnhMai glanced at my shoes as I stepped into her car yesterday morning, remarking, “The storm is scheduled to hit in,” she glanced at her watch, “three and a half hours and you’re wearing suede?”

I laughed.

What can I say? I like living on the edge.

Actually, I just really like my boots. They’re comfortable and when you have to stand all (or most) of the day, comfortable becomes really important.

And, no, they are not blue. ;)

Sadly though, it never rained. Nope, not a drop. Honestly, I think the whole storm thing was an over hyped ploy for some of the attention that has been on Florida and Louisiana.

And that is kind of sad, really.

I mean, come, isn’t a Texas edition Toyota enough for any state? :p


This game is strangely addicting: http://www.kiteretsu.jp/on/tontie/index.html


In other news...


As an aside: Have you heard of Texhnolyze? Its a relatively recent anime being talked up by the SEL peoples. I liked SEL...lots. I am wondering, would I like this? Should I buy this? I cannot decide and thus, will not--unless, that is, I can find someone I "know" who has seen it and can tell me what they thought of it and how they felt it compared to SEL. :)

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