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Teen Titans and Pseudo-philosophical Ramblings

I was watching that Cartoon Network show Teen Titans and have to say: It was great.

Shocked? I understand. Had someone said as much to me, I would no doubt nod and mutter, “Sure, sure,” ignoring them, really, because we all know that those silly little cartoon shows are never any good. ;)

But this one had some absolutely classic lines and one character, a hooded/caped moody girl cracked me up (mostly because she could be so cruel).

Will I go out of my way to watch it again?

Hm, probably not. I just haven’t the time. But should I happen to catch it (on accident, naturally)…yeah. I think that I will. :)


I would like to state, just for the record, that the following characters will always have a soft spot in my heart:

- Ichijouji Ken/Digimon Kaiser (Digmon)
- Haijime Saito (Rurouni Kenshin)
- Sohma Akito (FB)
- Sohma Kureno (FB)
- Hisoka (HxH)
- Athrun (GSeed)
- Kira (GSeed)
- Touya Akira (HnG)
- Killua (HxH)
- Lain (SEL)
- Reki (HR)

There are, of course, many others whom I like, without which their respective series could not function, but I cannot say that I love them. That list up there, those characters, each has changed, however slightly (or not so slightly) my view of the world in one way or another, and to me, that makes them special.

I don’t suppose that I am explaining this well (at all), but maybe, just maybe, you can picture a character or characters that have altered your world view and thus, have my explanation in your head, if not in words.

Of course, that is only a list of anime characters. That does not even begin to scratch the real surface. Thinking of that does, however, make me wonder how much of me is me and how much of me has been tweaked by these so-called acquaintances.


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