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2 Posts in 2 Days! Will wonders never cease?

I stopped by the used book store this morning (I have been meaning to read the Manchurian Candidate for years now but have never actually purchased the book. I decided that I would procrastinate no longer—only, they did not have a copy. Bah).

But far be it from me to leave a bookstore with out a bag of books…

I bought a copy of The Decameron (Giovanni Boccaccio) that made the counter attendant smirk. I’m sure he would be morally outraged if he had a clue about how young I was the first time I read it (I only bought it because I was feeling nostalgic).

You know, my early reading endeavors could go a long way to explaining my current self…


Nah… ;)

Other Purchases:
1. The Little Guides Cookies
2. Mary Englebreit’s Cookies Cookbook
3. The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Cookies

Catch a theme?

I’ve really wanted to bake cookies lately. I love cookies (I love to eat cookies, but I will not allow myself). I love to give people cookies (because they then feel the need to praise you endlessly—or at the very least, for the rest of the day). Most of all, I just love all types of baking.

I have cookies on the brain.

Only I live in an efficiency apartment, so very efficient that it doesn’t even have an oven (only a stove top, sink and fridge), so baking (in any traditional sense) is impossible.

Why is it that we always want the very thing we cannot have?



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I was drawing Chinese fortune sticks (Chien Tung) earlier and pulled a 13.

Thirteen is not good.

Naturally, I tried again, only to get 13 a second time.

Frustrated and more than slightly perturbed (I am NOT superstitious—bah!) I gave the canister a really good shake and drew again.


Fortune is not a lady to be cheated. Now to only get through today so that tomorrow might bring a better outlook.
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