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Proof that God agrees with me.

I got my revenge on squirrel-dom (or at least a start) today.

And yes, it was sweet.

I was out walking, as I do every day, when suddenly, smack-plop a squirrel that had been playing/fighting with a second squirrel on the tree branch above the trail lost his/her balance and fell directly in front of me. (Literally, I felt the breeze generated by its fall across the bridge of my nose).

Imagine the sound of a soaking wet quilt being dropped on a concrete floor. Whump!

Unfortunately (for the squirrel), it all happened so very quickly that I was not able to pull my leg back mid-step and, catching said squirrel with my shoe just under his/her midsection, sent the vicious, blood-sucking tree rat flying with a punt that would impress a top NFL athlete.


(For the squirrel lovers out there—may you rot in hell—the squirrel was ultimately okay, scurrying up a tree just seconds after crash landing for the second time in less than a minute. Such a pity).

I would not have laughed nearly so hard if the woman jogging the same path had not remarked, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Apparently my feelings for the fluffy tailed troublemakers are not unique--a fact that is not too surprising, if you want my opinion on the matter. :p

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