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Sewing the Seeds...

Okay, my final thoughts on Gundam Seed:

- Everyone I thought should die, died.

- A few I rather wish had not died, died.

- It’s not so nice to call someone a crybaby when you’re crying. :)

- The music is really great (especially in the battle scenes).

- I got to see more of Faye than I ever wanted (they were definately aiming for a male audience here).

- I really want to know what was behind Rau Le Creuset’s mask.

- Cagalli has a way of bringing out the worst (and yet the best) in Athrun.

- The seed/berserker story line was never fully explained to my satisfaction.

- The Earth Alliance really needs to consider issuing bras to it's female fighters. Having 'em bounce around like that has got to hurt! :p

- I was never able to fully decipher the relationship between Rau Le Creuset and Mu La Flaga or the one between Rau Le Creuset and Kira (but as is typical for this sort of anime, everyone is connected to everyone else somehow--this must make marriage a dangerous affair).

- Cagalli’s insistance that she is the older sibling is hee-lar-ree-us! ;)

- Slobbery/Angry!Yzak is ick, but Confused!Yzak has an almost Ken-esq sweetness (it’s got to be the haircut).

- The humorous moments are great, the angsty ones, somewhat manufactured.

- The ending is good but a little too cookie cutter to be great.

- I would watch the OVAs.

- I have bought the OSTs.

My overall rating would be B+

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