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It starts...

Well, hello all!

I was faced with a bit of a quandary this evening. I could either catch up on some desperately needing to be done reading or play around on the computer. I'll give you three seconds to figure out what I chose...


Okay then, everyone who votes for attempting to find the ends of the internet, raise their hands. Goooooood. Those who did not just raise at least one hand, feel free to get up and leave. :)

We (as in me and the other's who live in this building) are currently suffering a terrible ant plague. Honest. It's gotten to the point that when I find ants in my cereal bowl my only thoughts are ummm, protein and I wonder if these are the crunchy or the sweet ones. I'm beginning to frighten me. :)

But I really do not mind, as long as they don't decide to attack. There are ants crawling along my base boards and around my computer monitor, and not one of them prefers the taste of flesh to say, golden grams or my baked potato topping. In fact, they're really more pet-like then anything else. I'm going to miss them if they ever figure out how to go about with the extermination.

Or maybe I should just start my very own protect the ants society. Set up a preserve of some sort.

Teach the who-who's here to disallow pets. Hn, hn, hn. :)

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