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First years destroy me...

I was surprised to hear my beeper go off a little after 5:30 this morning. (Surprised and then strangely saddened that I have a life that requires I sleep with a beeper next to my bed just in case). I clicked on the bedside lamp to check the number and, seeing that it was work, dialed in, “Dr. R------, I was paged?”

A few seconds later the nurse handed the phone off to someone else, “Hey! This is Dr. B------. Are you rounding with us this morning? We’re starting.”

My deep sigh may have been what keyed him in, “You’re not rounding this morning?”

“J----,” I began carefully, “Do you remember yesterday when I told you that I was starting my vacation time today?”

This time it was his turn to pause, and pause he did. I was beginning to wonder if he had turned into stone.

“It’s okay,” I eventually let him off the hook, “I’ll see you later." (I swear this was not a threat).

“Umm, okay,” he stuttered through his response, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, really,” I assured him with a chuckle, “Just, please, don’t do it tomorrow.” I hung up and tried to go back to sleep. I could not.

But every gray cloud has its silver lining (or so they say), and this is mine: I watched most of an episode of BeyBlade and a Season 1 Digimon. It was nice. I had forgotten why I used to enjoy those shows so much.

Now if it was nice enough to make up for being awoken hours before I intended: of that I am not sure, but it did soften the blow (somewhat, anyway). :p

This time tomorrow, however, I had damned well better be asleep. :)

Washington Irving

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