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A&O x 2

I actually had the overture from the Nutcracker playing so loudly that my neighbor (somewhat sheepishly, strangely enough) complained.

Is it so strange that even people who like older music like to play it loud enough (occasionally) to block out the thoughts in their own heads?

Rap and rock aren’t the only styles suited loud volumes. Hmmm…


I took my car into to have it inspected only to be surprised when, mere minutes later the technician walked back in and asked, “Are you sure you want it inspected?”

To which I replied, “Yes…”

He stuttered for a second or two before arriving at his next question, “Do you realize that you have until July 2005 to get it inspected?”

“No,” I answered, “2005?”

“2005,” he confirmed, “If you want to come look at the sticker I’ll show you.”

What is one to do in just such a situation? I mean, yeah, I am an eee-dee-ott.

And yeah, you can say it again just for good measure: eee-dee-ott.

So I did the only thing I felt like doing just then; I laughed. I laughed until I was absolutely out of breath and the poor technician was no doubt thinking his next question should be if I’d had a psych consult recently. (Oh, if he only knew…)

After I regained my composure, I thanked him kindly for bringing my little faux pas to my attention, and accepting my keys from him left to spend the rest of the afternoon soaking up the summer’s warmth in the Japanese gardens.

Somehow making a fool of myself always leaves me cold.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be warm again. :)


There are many things wrong with this world. (Here I use the word wrong in the more teenage vernacular than anything else, as in: That’s just wrong).

“Eh?” you ask.

I’ve been trying to work out my Hunter x Hunter set; trying to compare what I do and do not have to what is available and thusly resolve any discrepancies.

This is proving to be more difficult than I at first imagined, much more.

So I resolved to send an email to a fellow Hunter x Hunter fan-girl, asking for help. This is the response I received:

Well... Actually, I had that problem a little while ago, but then I thought that I would just let you figure it all out and ask you once you had already bought the DVDs... Heh... How ironic is that?

At the website where I got my X DVDs, they seemed to have a lot of different Hunter X Hunter OVAs, so I was not sure which ones I had and which ones I did not have. Hm... It seemed like there was a third OVA, but I wasn't entirely sure on that so I stayed away from it...

I know this is not much help, but...

-Name Withheld



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