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Fruit case...

You know, it is true what they say: One bad apple does spoil the bunch.

I was driving home today (from the grocery store) thinking about what I had to get done this evening, listing, if you will, the steps I would take. Get home. Unload groceries. Carry groceries up. Eat some dinner, etc, etc.

And in the process of thinking about unloading my groceries, reached over and popped my trunk.

All while flying down I-10 at 70 mph. >.> Thankfully, I don’t have one of those trunks that rise automatically so all that happened was that the little open door light blinked on. Unthankfully, I had a passenger who saw the whole thing; a passenger who on multiple occasions has remarked that, should the mood strike them, they really wouldn’t have to try very hard to get me declared incompetent and, subsequently, have me committed.

My response is always simple: Bah. That particular street flows both ways. :)

Still, it drives me crazy (no implications there) when I do stuff like that; when I walk into a bathroom, shut the door, then turn off the light or open the refrigerator when I should be opening the microwave or shake my Diet Coke like a nutritional supplement before tabbing it open.

But, as I do my best to remember (even when dripping sticky wet with Diet Coke):


Some things just can't be helped.

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