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True friends eat your meat.

I’m not especially fond of most meats (foods). However, I know the importance of ingesting a certain amount of protein. I’m also well aware of non-meat sources of protein of which I make full use. :) Every so often though, Mai manages to slip in something decidedly meat-ish.

Today was one of those days.

And I was very (im)maturely expressing my distaste by pushing bite-sized pieces of meatloaf around my plate, sneaking bites of other items (mostly my chocolate pudding) when Mai, finally pushed to boiling, insisted, “Leave that pudding alone. Eat your meat!”

Naturally my response was to break out my very bad British accent for, “You can’t having any puddin’ if you don’t eat your meat. How can you have any puddin’ if you don’t eat your meat?”

The response: NOTHING.

Well, unless you count blank stares as something.

I said the only thing I could, “Dude! You are so not cool,” but all that got was a raised eyebrow and the suggestion that I eat my meat before…

Well, some things are not fit to be repeated. ;)

(A fellow Digimon lover once remarked after having met AnhMai: You used her for your Absolutions!Ken. I guess it’s pretty obvious).

Thankfully, Simon arrived only seconds later and ate the offensive meatloaf for me, much to Mai’s distinct distaste.

Mwahahaha. Needless to say, today’s battle went to me (and my allies). May it blossom in to a string of victories.

On a different note, another coworker today asked, “What are you thinking about?”

When I inquired as to why they would ask, their response was, “Because you’ve got this incredibly cracked grin on your face.”

Cracked indeed.

And no, I’m not telling. ;)

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