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Why I should be drug out into the street and shot:

I am a very dull person, or so I told Yuki.

Yuki: A little Texas Ebony (Pithecellobium flexicaule) that I am attempting to shape into a bonsai. Attempting. He’s horribly wimpy and always on the very edge of utter despair and bashed about by any given whisper of wind. Thus, I’ve named after the Yuki in Fruits Basket, rather than the Yuki in Gravitation, in which case he would have had a bitingly sarcastic reply and been the one to tell me that I was dull.

But, the reason I’d been reduced to burdening Yuki with my troubles was that I had caught myself reading Interpreting the Medical Literature for the third time.

Horrified yet?

Well, if not, this will do it: I was not reading it because I was told to, or because I thought it would help me navigate one of the stacks of articles sitting on my floor waiting for perusal (though, there is no doubt that it would).

I was reading it because I like the book.

I am a very dull person.

Cry for me.


On a slightly more upbeat note, should you ever feel the need to strengthen your grasp of primary literature, I highly recommend this book. The actual content is blasé, but the guy who wrote it has a wicked sense of humor.

Just do not get within ten feet if you have an allergy to bad puns. No, wait, you better make that twenty. :)

Leila: Is this a brain machine of some sort?
Professor: Of some sort, yes. In France it’s called a guillotine.
Leila: Ahh! Can’t you examine my brain with out removing it?!

Rhombus Akira
You are the Rhombus Akira! Don't you love these
rhombus sweaters he usually wears? Comfortable
yet stylish, Akira shows his warmth and his
quiet, introverted self, but he's also a Go pro
and takes his duties very seriously.

What Akira Touya style are you? ~ Hikaru no Go ~
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You are Hisoka.

Which Yami no Matsuei Character are You?
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