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Well fed and chatty...

It is strange.

I only add this, because, now well fed (I opted for a tomato and provolone sandwich with massive amounts of onions and lettuce rather than spaghetti--fear my breath o'death), with little else to do and the internet, or television, or a book: anything standing wide open in front of me I realize that I am happy.

I’m still tired. My muscles are responding a little too slowly and my head is floating a little too high but that part of me that was screaming seems to have quieted.

It is good; good in a take-a-deep-breath-and-smile-at-nothing-and-no-one-in-particular way. My music is playing and I can hear tinkering-about in the kitchen.

And for the first time in what feels like a very long time, I actually find that relaxing, calming. It’s been so long I had actually forgotten how this calm feels.

Hmm, I think I want to actually communicate. Go, anyone? Or maybe I should just write. I’m tired enough to realize that I won’t be up for long but it seems so pointless to just let this pass.

Happiness is, after all, notoriously fleeting. :)

Washington Irving

How to make a Jamalyn

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