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Truth is not necessarily fact and fact not necessarily truth.

To frostywonder: Read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

To anyone else: Consider it seriously.

Because I love notes on the type:

The text of thes book
was set in Iowan Old Style, a con-
temporary typeface designed by Iowan sign
painter John Downer, based on erlier twentieth-
century Venetian Old Style revivals of roman types cut
during the Italian Renaissance by Nicolas Jenson and
Francesco Griffo. The larger x-height, uniform letter fit and
spacious character proportions distinguish Iowan Old Style
from its typographic predecessors. The face owes much of its
identity to specific regional characteristics seen in the sign
painting and inscription cutting of eastren Iowa. Classical ef-
fects of the brush and chisle have been consciously preserved
and are evident particularly in the relationships between
the stems and bowls of the character shapes, reinforc-
ing the idea of a physical connection between sign
writing and lettercutting. The sturdy roman
is accompanied by a chancery italic of
an agreeable appearance.

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