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Home is where the bread is. ~Gulimon

“Like the shadow in a solar eclipse, it begins to emerge, black, in the light. But I can never quite make out its form. It is trying to come to me, trying to confer upon me something very much like heavenly grace. I wait for it, trembling. But then, either because it has changed its mind or because there is not enough time, it never comes to me. The moment before it takes full shape, it dissolves and melts once again into the light. Then the light itself fades.”

--Lieutenant Mamiya, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

I was walking out to my car today when a fire engine-like vehicle blasting his horn startled me. At first, I really did think that it was a fire engine, but then I noticed that this particular truck had no ladders or other such fire fighting paraphernalia. Also differentiating this vehicle from a fire engine where the words “Emergency Technical Rescue” painted on the side.

It all left me wondering just what the devil emergency technical rescue was, why, exactly, they were allowed to run intersections and the like as other emergency vehicles did and where it was that they were rushing off to at such a break-neck speed.

I can just see some uber-geek computer genius shouting, “Give ‘em 50 cc’s of electrical current, STAT!” (Okay, so I don’t know jack about technical stuff).

But that wasn’t the end of my odd, vehicle related sightings for the day. As I was driving out of the medical center, towards home, I pulled up next to an ambulance at a stoplight. Emblazoned upon the side of said ambulance was the following information:

Houston Fire Department
Emergency Medical Service

Visit us on-line at: www.houstonfire.com

Yes, apparently, the Houston Fire Department is a (dot) com. Would have fixed them for a (dot) org or (dot) gov, but nope. :p

Everyone’s online these days.

Of much more interest to me: I received Fruits Basket #14 today. For those of you who have not seen it, I give you the following spoilers.

Kureno is the bird (and I was really digging that Akito is the bird theory).

Hatsuharu has slept with Rin. (Yes, that is the euphemism I’m using).

Hatsuharu is damn cute, even if he is (was) sleeping with his cousin.

The opening page with Kureno and Akito snuggled up together makes buying the book worthwhile, even if you don’t like the series.

Tohru has managed to win Rin over. (Who didn’t see that one coming)?

Yuki may finally be coming out of his lets-become-just-like-Akito slump.


Yuki’s fellow student counsel members are he-lar-re-us. (Figure it out).


It didn’t give us any more detail on Kureno (who is currently on the top of my list for being delicate and yet having that steel streak that only comes from having to spend night and day with Akito every day of your entire life. Yeah people, Yuki’s a woosey).

Rin gave in to Tohru a little too easily. (But don’t they all)?

And as always, I need more Akito twistedness. It isn’t enough for me just to get to see him toss Rin out a window in front of Hiro, threaten to blind Hatsuharu, scare the shit out of Yuki and then force himself upon Hatsuharu. No, damn it. I want more; I need it. :)

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