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Potter and Igo

I think I’ve figured out why I feel like the Harry Potter books and the Harry Potter movies are so mismatched. The ages are off.


That is to say, they are visually more mature in the movies.

But, reading the books, they don’t seem to have changed that much. Actually, that’s why I never finished the last book. I got bored. Harry is years older, yes, but he is still acting like he did in the first book. What was once an almost precocious maturity has become an extremely frustrating lack thereof.


I was told to give the most recent book a second chance; that it did get better. But there are so many other books I’ve yet to read even once that that seems rather unlikely. But maybe, one day, I’ll change my mind.

In a slightly more cheerful vein, I was playing go with Leah today (She learned the game when she was growing up in Korea. Having watched HnG, I made an ass of myself asking if everyone over there really was very good. She shrugged and said she honestly didn’t know.) when she remarked, “You can hold the stones right!”

I hadn’t even noticed before she mentioned it. I guess it was more of a subconscious thing, no doubt from watching her do it over and over again.

But I was strangely happy.

I didn’t even give her a dirty look when, but moments later, she continued, “But you still suck,” moving the stone I'd just placed to where it wouldn't immediately lead to me getting slaughtered.

I may suck, but I can hold the stones!

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