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Prostitute of the Mind

Something about the near-sequential lines: “’To tell you the truth, my sister says that this will be a longer story than it seemed at first.’” and “’That’s what she says. This story will be about more than the disappearance of a cat.’” made me think that that was less a sudden realization of some clairvoyant in some story and more one of the writer.

But that’s just silly.

You're a Dragon Babeh!!!
You are a Dragon! Oh, but not the big fat European
version... Oh no no no you're a creature of
style and taste. You love the exotic foods of
other places and have a special place on your
pallete for arsenic, and bird's nest soup. You
are the symbol of royalty, good luck, and
enlightenment. Hey, if you're good enough, you
could even become a deity!

What Japanese
Creature are you?

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What's Your Personality Type?
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Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

P.S. - Since starting The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle I've had this nigh overwhelming urge to eat a tomato and cheese sandwich. Mmmm, on thickly sliced wheat with meaty tomatoes and squishy-thick slices of that white cheese they serve grilled over tomatoes during brunch at Mia Luna's.

God, that would be good.

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