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Woe is me.

My relatively new cell phone is now a paperweight.

I could be well on my way to having it fixed; only I can’t seem to find my receipt.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how strange this is. Fact is, I should have been able to lay my hands on all that information almost immediately, but it hasn’t been in any of the places I’ve looked. I’m neurotic about keeping that sort of thing neat and orderly. No, really, I have every bank and credit card statement I’ve ever received, filed in correct, monthly order and I thought I could say the same for my cell phone bills.

Only, I’m missing the first month and my receipt (which was stapled to the first month’s bill—I told you I’m neurotic).

It is too strange for words and my only current plausible working theory is that it was spirited away in the middle of the night by naughty little AT&T bunnies looking to make me think I’m insane.

Really, AT&T, what have I ever done to you? Hmm?

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