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The King ... Has Returned. ;)

They’ve been chatting about Full Metal Alchemist on boys_inc and I have to keep telling myself, “No. Fucking. Way.”

I just can’t. I promised. No more anime.

But they make it sound so good.

In my latest attempt at being a decent human, I’ve loaned my Hunter x Hunter DVDs out to someone. Yes, this is something that I never, ever would have done before. I am very particular about my stuff. I usually don’t let anyone touch anything.

But this person has given me reason to trust her.

And because I should, I pretend that I do.

I’ve also sent her Spirited Away and Millennium Actress.

I am, to use a hometown colloquialism, as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

But because I shouldn’t be, I pretend that I am not.

This could be all it takes to finally push me over the edge.

But I doubt it. I am stronger than that.

On a slightly different note, while I have never found a Gundam that I particularly like, I have to admit, Gundam Seed has some really, really attractive boys. However, the plot…not so much.
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