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You Know...

You know you’ve dealt with chemistry too long when you’re amused that the license plate of the car in front of you contains the letters KOH (Ahh, potassium hydroxide!).

You know you need to get your eyes checked when, as you draw a few feet closer, you realized that the letters are actually KDH.

You know that you’ve been a pharmacist too long when you then think, “If only that K was an L, then it would be lactate dehydrogenase.”

You know you’ve finally hit the point of no return when your passenger asks, “What the hell do you keep snickering about?”

You know you should really reconsider that defensive driving course as your passenger then yells, “Rin-Rin! Hands! Steering wheel! NOW!”

It will be a wonder if I make it to 30. :)

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