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You’re no match for me and my monkey!

Sorry if I’ve seemed a little gone as of late. I’ve been watching lots and lots of Hunter x Hunter. It is cute, (though, admittedly, I had my questions about the series for the first few long, boring episodes, but then it really picked up).

And yeah, they are all just friends. *Grins*

I seem to be using a lot of italics today, and I can’t speak in italics without thinking of the book Rilla of Ingleside. Hmm.

Killua is my current favorite, but only because I love a tortured soul, preferably with a dark past, which Killua most definitely has. Mostly, however, I love the way he can rip a man’s heart out with his bare hand and never flinch, but ask him to put a worm on a hook or touch a fish, and he squeals like a little girl.

Gon would be damned annoying if he weren’t so innocent that it’s almost funny. That, and he fights with a fishing pole (hey, at least it’s new) and functions as a necessary salve for Killua’s heart (anyone who is *honestly* kind to Killua is okay in my book). Being the main character, Gon is, naturally, destined for great things. I just wonder when he is going to grow up enough to realize he and Killua should do more than just share their bed at night. ;)

Some of Curapica’s habits, hmm, I can’t tell if he was just brought up right or if he’s actually a girl (note that I offer no other possibilities). Regardless, I cannot bring myself to believe that his/her relationship with Leorio is entirely platonic. Unfortunately, he/she did not respond in an especially constructive manner to Leorio’s naked form. *snort*

Leorio I’ve not yet pegged. I would hate to see him die, if only because it would upset the other characters, but I can’t say that I believe him to be especially helpful to anyone either. But he’s a nice guy. I guess that’s supposed to count for something. :)

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