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My country tis of thee...

Just an inkling of how Texans think (for you foreigners, i.e. not from Texas):

The central lobby/mail area of my apartment complex is decorated by a woman who not only is addicted to the teacher supply store, but also does not have near enough to do all day.

As you might be able to imagine, she likes to put up these elementary school style bulletins/information sheets. Really. You should have seen the terror alert level notices. They had a dancing pencil and A+ scalloped border. :) I am not kidding.

Today, as I walked in to drop off my check, I noticed that she had put up another display, this time in support of culture. That is to say, she had used construction paper to make a variety of flags, representing, she said, the various places from which we renters hailed.

I’m not entirely sure that this is legal, but I can’t think of why it would be illegal either.

So anyway, there are German flags and French flags and even one from Holland (something like 12 total, but I didn’t stop to actually take the time to count), and right smack at the top of all of them is a Texas flag.

No, not an USA flag, the Texas flag, as in the state (for anyone not from around here). :)

I thought that it was funny. Part of me says that the USA flag just had too many stars and stripes and that she became overwhelmed. But the other part of me…


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