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You know that you have too much time on your hands when...

I realized something this morning. I realized that I have yet to find anyone who was ever truly hurt by a flame.

It makes them all seem kind of pointless.

The general consensus appears to be: What do you know, Jack (Jill)? Or people write the flamer off as unlikely to have even read the fic (which is probably true).

I thought it all too funny. I just started laughing. And then I began to wonder, do these flamers really think that they are doing anybody any good? I mean, they demean and nitpick a story, put in lots of time and effort and yet their suggestions are mocked, laughed at and turned into amusing fodder for random livejournal posts.

Should I stop worrying that people will be hurt by flamers but, rather, turn my urge to comfort towards these sullied untouchables of the fanfiction community, these apparent martyrs?

Hmm, not so much. :)

Still, I cannot help but wonder. What do these flamers really think they are accomplishing? And of even more interest to me, has one ever succeeded in realizing what he/she set out to do?

Don’t think too hard. This is really just a blurb, a momentary fancy, existing more as an excuse to post a quiz than anything worthwhile. ;)

Grammar God!
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Sorry for the decidedly un-lady like response, but I mean, REALLY! I’m almost saddened here.

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
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Okay, now I know these things cannot be 100% accurate! ;) (But I'll give 'em 97%) :p


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