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'entrusting me with wings' ~Marilyn Peretti

Fine, fine. I’ll be honest. I am a tad neurotic about some things, somewhat compulsive, if you will.

I fold. No paper, it often seems, is safe near me. I am addicted to origami.

I clean. To the point of causing visitors discomfort, one once complaining, “I’m not that dirty! Just stop that damned vacuuming!”

I don’t really understand why I do these things and I don’t believe that I have always been this way (though I certainly can’t remember when I was not).

But the point of this story (and yes, there is a point) is this: I had an army of cranes sitting on my desk at home, nigh surrounding my computer. We are talking 150+ cranes, all very pretty (the reason I had them all around me) and a veritable cacophony of colors.

Unfortunately, whilst working on some work, I also noticed a fine dusting of, er, dust. :) And being mildly neurotic, made to blow it away, forgetting, in their entirety, the cranes.

Yes. Paper cranes can fly.

They can fly everywhere.

le sigh

I’ve been picking up cranes for the last 15 minutes and noticed, while in the process of doing this, that I really need to introduce the business end of my vacuum hose to the carpet behind my bass.

Sadly, I don’t know exactly how many cranes I started off with and so I don’t know if we managed to save every soldier. And I have this frightful idea that I never will; that I’ll be finding random cranes for years to come.

God, I hope not.

Random question: What, exactly, is the point of day light savings time? I do not understand this.

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