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Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Stole this link from herongale and then proceeded to spend plenty of time that could no doubt have better been spent elsewhere pouring over all the different Flame Warriors. Got a damned good tickle, too.

I was, however having a very difficult time placing myself in any one category. Why? Mostly because I tend to use the internet as my plaything, pushing and rearranging this quasi-reality as I feel the whims.

Please, no speeches on morals or ethics or which ever would apply. I don’t care, and better people have tried to make me.

So here are my top seven. Why seven, you ask? Because seven is such a popular number. Call it a religious quirk for a religious time of year (for some people anyway).

Or wise up and realize that seven is the number that I thought could be applied to me. :)

1. L’Enfant Provacateur
2. Profundus Maximus/Philosopher
3. Tireless Rebutter
4. Jekyll and Hyde
5. Jerk
6. Pithy Phrase
7. Lurker

I feel I must admit to a fondness for pushing buttons; that I have been known (or perhaps not known) for twitting people simply to see how they would respond.

Rarely, have I been surprised. Perhaps, even, never.

Regardless, the time invariably comes when I feel the urge to try something else, to try and understand what makes people tick.

Yes, at times I want to know why you give a damn.

But usually, I can’t be bothered to care.

A classmate once told me that my worst flaw was that I was too forgettable; that unless I found something I could care passionately about I would end up slipping gentle into the night (yes, she was a total quote rip who rarely failed to amuse me, especially as she didn’t seem to appreciate my laughter or the fact that I told her that Dylan Thomas had said it much better).

But then, I’ve always considered my very forgettable-ness to be my greatest attribute.

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