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Random mumblings...

I will NEVER watch Digimon while someone else is staying over ever again.

I can’t handle the mockery!

But it was the last episode. I had to. :)

(I am only reminded because I just received a telephone call that began with, “No Koko! You can’t die.” To which I replied, “Its Koichi, you utter twat! Leave me alone!" And promptly hung up the phone).

I’ve been having this writing urge for a few days now. I’m hoping it holds out for a few more so that I might have a chance to put it to use. Unfortunately, up until this point, all my time has been taken by working on a hazard communication statement.

Want to read it?

Yeah. Didn’t think so. :p

It was worth waking up this morning just to hear the Simpson’s sing, “I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight, chicken tonight!”
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