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Hiei vs. Kurama

holy pie!
You are madwack Hiei. You are crazy and like to cause trouble. Sounds like some one i know....

Which Hiei Are You?
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You are shy Hiei. You pretend not to care even though you most definately do.

Which Hiei Are You?
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bad news bears
You are evil Hiei. o.o You are really crazy and mean and stuff..... smhahahahaha.

Which Hiei Are You?
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I've always had a little theory and I do not know how popular it would be within the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom (mostly because I do not really participate in that fandom and so have no blooming idea where their favor falls), but I have a little Hiei and Kurama theory that goes like this:

Hiei comes off as this angry, hateful, cold-blooded killer when, in reality, he is an absolute kitten. Really. I think that he is a big, bad softie.

Kurama, on the other hand, I believe only to playing the role of loving son and excellent student to win people's favor. It is my soundest impression that he is, in fact, the truly cold-blooded one.


Mostly from watching their expressions when they fight. While Hiei may get mad and talk big, he does not seem to enjoy the kill. Kurama, however, doesn't seem to like or dislike completely obliterating his opponent, something I don't consider normal at all. Twisted logic, I know, but if you're going to kill someone so thoroughly, then you should at least enjoy it, no?

But like I said, twisted logic. Perhaps I'm not the best person to be exploring other's motives.

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