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Happy Birthday to Me!

My father loves me, he does.

He's just clueless. :)

I had recently ordered a new toy and seeing as he is the computer guru, I had it sent to him so that he can work his magical computer charm and make it all pretty-like.

I got it mailed to me today and opening it up, was presented with a password request. Simple, I thought, I told him to use my favorite password: ********

Yeah, like I was really going to tell you.

So I tried ******** and it told me, in not so many words: No Way Jose.

Hmmm, I thought, my birthday, perhaps. So I typed 06211980.


Thinking I could be on the right track, if somewhat off, I next tried June211980, followed by 62180 and as a final lark, an old nickname: jamabama.

Nothing was working.

So, like the spoilt child that I am, I called and begged, "Daddy, what's my password?"

"Your birthday," came the simple answer.

"But how did you type it?" clarification was obviously needed.

"Month, month, day, day, year, year, year, year." Can you tell he does this for a living?

"But I tried that," I complained, "Hang on a second and let me try again." I did try again and it still did not work. "Its not working!"

"Well what are you typing?" he asks, sounding for all the world like the patient nanny to an anxious three year old.

"06211980," I answer.

"06211980?" he repeats.

"Yes, 06211980."

"And that's your birthday?" he questions.

"Yes," I answer slowly.

"Oh..." There was a short pause and the rustling of papers before, "Try 08221982."

I tried it and it worked beautifully. "That's it," I congratulated.

"Okay, good." He makes to say his goodbyes.

"So who's birthday is that anyway?" I ask, admittedly more than mildly humored.

There was another long pause followed by a sigh, "Your brother's," he let out a unsure sort of hmmm, "I think."

At least when the dementia sets in, I'll know from what side of the family I got it.

Washington Irving

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