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It wasn't what you think!

I have owned Castle in the Sky for at least a year, probably closer to two, and I had yet to see more than 15 minutes of the movie. So, after seeing a preview of it on my Spirited Away DVD and feeling guilty about claiming to be a Studio Ghibli fan when there were Studio Ghibli movies sitting on my DVD rack that had not been watched, I decided to watch it while I cross stitched tonight.

And having watched it, I now feel qualified to say, “Wow.”

Yes folks, I enjoyed myself, immensely.

But the strangest part was while watching it (especially the ending) I was surprised by the very strong wish that I had written the story.

No, not this same story; there were lots of things I’d like to seen done differently. I would have preferred to have spent the majority of the time on Laputa.

The children wouldn’t have been, well, children.

It would have been decidedly darker with many, many fewer secondary characters.

And the ending wouldn’t have been nearly so happy or final. I’d have ended it at them saying the Word.


This makes it sound like I didn’t like the way it was written and that’s simply untrue. I enjoyed it.

There’s just this arrogant little voice in the back of my head that whispers, “Oh, had you gotten there first.”

Arrogance. Simply arrogance.

... Liked the fart humor though.

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