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It's all in the timing...

Quite possibly one of the funniest HnG fic snippets ever, unabashedly stolen from Erin Ellis’ Timing:

The Scene That Wasn't (And Probably Should Never Be)

Akira: Shindou, you jerk. I hate you so much.
Hikaru: Geez, what'd I do now? --Hey, you don't look so good. Maybe you should get some more sleep.
Akira: I -would-, if my parents weren't keeping me up all night!
Hikaru: What? --oh... oh, no way...
Akira: Yes way. They've taken to roleplaying. I have to deal with you enough while playing go; its too much for my dreams to be interrupted by screams of 'Shindou-kun'.
Hikaru: Oh my... shit, me?!?!
Akira: And I could even get past -that- if Mother wasn't roleplaying as -me-...
Hikaru: . . . That's disturbing.
Akira: You're telling me.
Hikaru: I mean, like you would -ever- call me 'Shindou-KUN' in the throes of passion. You don't call me '-kun' now!
Akira: . . . That's -not- the part you're supposed to be having issues with.
Hikaru: . . .Oh yeah. Right.
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