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Moby Dick...the worlds biggest blow. :)

I’ve never been big about reading the classics.

In fact, I have a rather nasty habit of choosing my books by their covers. Managed to set a bookstore employee on their ear one day by saying as much.

Really now, who wants to be bothered when they’re perusing bookshelves? A bookstore should be the one place on earth where you’re free of the question, “Finding what you’re looking for?”

But presented with such an annoyance, how could I not respond in the negative?

When he pressed further about what it was, exactly, that I was looking to read, I told him quite frankly, “A book with an interesting cover.”

To his benefit, he was bright enough to pick up on the fact that I was being sarcastic and didn’t really want him to continue bothering me, and so left. Mmmmm, subtlety pales in comparison to a ½ ton hammer. :)

I bite when I want to be left alone.

But, if I may resurface after that particularly pointless digression, I’ve never been someone out to read the classics just because they are classics.

That is not to say that I’ve avoided them, either. I just won’t force myself to read something just because history says I should. Learned my lesson from Moby Dick and learned it well, thank you very much. :)

But lately I’ve been leaning towards something tried and true. Perhaps I’m getting old and so am looking for something that too has withstood the sands of time (whatever). Perhaps I’m getting lazy and know I can just start ordering random, albeit well known, titles off of amazon.com and so, have no need to leave my apartment (much more likely).

Perhaps, I’ve just been bitten too many times by books that had really good covers, but not much else worth complementing. ;)

Regardless of my true motives, which I have absolutely no intention of ever really trying to understand (life is too short), I visited the above-mentioned amazon.com this evening and purchased:
1. Catch-22
2. The Bell Jar
3. The Sound and the Fury
4. A Clockwork Orange
5. The Invisible Man
6. Catcher in the Rye

They kept suggesting that I buy 1984 as well, regardless of the number of times I told my monitor I already owned three copies.

Now that is a classic I enjoy. :)

I shall keep you posted as to the others.


I was reading prillalar when I came across the following line:

“It's Sunday night. I still miss The X-Files.”

After which, I felt this funny sort of ache.

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