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The continuing tale of Blacky.

Okay, so we all know Blacky, the large black cat of one of my friends. Anyway, I came home this evening to a blinking answering machine and when I hit the play button, I was assaulted by Blacky’s panic stricken owner.

“Please. As soon as you get this call, call me. It’s very important. I’m worried about Blacky.”

Naturally, I’m already dialing before I can even kick off my shoes.

“What is it?” I ask when he picks up, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Blacky. Something’s going on. Can you come see him?”

Nope, I’m not a veterinarian, or even close. But he is my friend, so I agree. I hop in the car I just spent the last thirty minutes sitting in traffic in and wedge my way back on the freeway I just exited. Nearly an hour later, I’ve finally managed to inch my way the twenty-something miles south to his apartment. I rush in expecting to find Blacky on the brink of death, comatose, or at the very least, bleeding excessively.

What I see, instead, is a perfectly healthy cat sitting on a bar.

Did I want to hurt someone? Yes. Yes, I did. But I managed to refrain myself.

“So what’s wrong with Blacky,” I ask as nicely as I possibly could through clinched teeth.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh, shhhhhhhhhhh,” came my abrupt hushing, “Just watch.”

And so I did, for quite some time, I might add. Slowly I began to notice Blacky was leaning ever so slightly towards the barely swirling waters of a now clean fish tank (The last time I saw it, it looked like the bottom of a pond.) that stood in front of the bar, it’s top an inch or two above said bar. And I use the term fish tank lightly. There are no fish in this tank and never have been, nor are there plants (anymore) or anything else besides slowly circulating water.

Unfortunately my observation of Blacky did not enlighten me as to why I had to drive all that way in rush hour traffic. Just as I was about to demand an explanation, Blacky dove.

No, not into the tank, thankfully. He only dunked one leg in, using the other front one to keep the rest of his top half from toppling in as he reached madly for a moment or two as if he were trying to catch something. Then, just as suddenly as he had moved before, he jerked the leg back out and cupping his paw began to intently study its contents. After determining beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he had been attempting to catch had no, in actuality, been caught, he calmly resumed his slow stare.

“See!” my friend declared triumphantly, “He’s been doing that all afternoon.”

I’m not sure what type of response he wanted but I doubt it was, “So? Your cat’s weird. We’ve already determined this. You got something for dinner?”

“That’s all you’re going to say? He obviously sees something we can’t!”

Yeah. I agree. Blacky certainly saw something in the water, but whether it was a holy image of the Virgin Mary or a vision from his childhood, I cannot say. And no, I do not carry antipsychotics in my trunk, so even if it was legal, I couldn’t slip Blacky one.

But I am happy because I did get dinner, and as an added bonus, there was a periodic and tranquil splash of water for both entertainment and relaxation purposes. :)

Sometimes, you just have to wonder.

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