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boy x boy = shocking!

This is a must read for anyone who writes fan fiction. It's rather tongue-in-cheek but it hits home none the less.


Okay, some necessary back story information:

N---- is J---‘s younger sister and J--- as you may or may not remember is Mai’s poor put upon husband (yes, she does hate when I shake my head and sigh, “Poor, poor J---.”)

N---- has recently graduated from high school last spring and started at the University of Houston, which is located 5 or 10 miles from my apartment and another 10 or 15 miles from where Mai and I work (albeit in the opposite direction).

So anyway, N---- had a CD of J---‘s that she needed to get back to him and seeing as I had the day off, technically was closer and that Mai is not always the easiest person to deal with when she’s working (especially when said CD was supposed to be returned to J--- last week), N---- approached me with the idea of her dropping the goods off at my house.

If it seems strange that N---- would even have my phone number...

It is.

But then, J--- often refers to he and myself as sister wives to Mai’s tyrannical husband.

*Ahem* Yeah.

So N---- is rather like my little sister-in-law. That is to say, what J--- can’t fix, Mai can and what Mai can’t, Jamalyn can. Get my drift?

Yes. Shit does roll down hill.

As I said, I was free and so offered to meet her at Mai’s (no relation) for lunch because they have the best egg rolls and I am an egg roll freak. :) She agreed and so the exchange was made.

But then, the point of my stories are rarely so easily come upon. Mwahahaha.

Halfway through lunch she pauses and then delicately divulges that Mai has told her that I write.

This is, naturally, news to me and I said as much with a humored, “I write?”

She nodded, apparently not dissuaded by my lady-like snort and so, with a gusty sigh, I admit that I have been known, upon occasion, to hack at something known as fan fiction, but am hardly a writer.

N---- perks up at this saying that she, too, enjoys fan fiction. That, in fact it is a fan fiction that she wants to write (I would later learn that she has yet to really start) and would I be willing to read it over for her whenever it is finished.

I was a little taken aback and quite unsure what to say because I am not particularly fond of beta’ing other people’s work, mostly because I have a very strong sense of what I like and I don’t want to risk pushing that on anyone else.

So, with a classic avoidance technique, I asked what sort of fan fiction she wrote.

“Harry Potter,” she answers instantly.

“Well, I don’t really read Harry Potter fan fiction,” I admit, “What pairings do you use?”

This time she pauses, seemingly too involved in rearranging the pile of noodles on the plate in front of her. After few more moments she looks up and in a bout of what I can only suppose was courage, announces, “Harry and Snape.”

I wanted to laugh.

But I didn’t, offering instead, “Oh, Snarry. Yeah.”

N---- nearly fell out of her chair at my offhanded acceptance of the fandom, making me want to laugh even more, and in the end I stuffed an entire egg roll in my mouth in an attempt to keep it closed.

How does one go about explaining the depths of their fan fiction perversions to a 19 year old over egg rolls? It just did not seem like good dinner conversation. God. How I could introduce her to the likes of the Digimon Kaiser or Muraki or Akito … her young mind would not survive.

Still, its nice to know that (at least until this afternoon) there was still one person out there that didn’t know me for the cartoon lovin’ sex-a-holic I truly am.

But then, some bubbles are meant to be burst. :)

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