October 12th, 2018

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Small Talk (Digimon Fanfic)

Disclaimer: My story, not my original characters

Author's note: Small random plot bunny based loosely on something that did actually happen to me. Yeah. I share Ken's aversion to small talk. Yeah. It somehow always seems to lead me places I'd rather not go.

Stand alone? Chaptered fic? I'm not sure. I'm hoping for the latter, but no promises.

Small Talk

Ken despised small talk.

“So? What do you think? It’s nice right?” Daisuke cajoled.

He was shit at small talk.

“You just kind of sink right in,” Daisuke continued, “It’s like you’re being hugged from behind. Right? I mean, you’re the cuddle type. Aren’t you?”

Small talk was, by its very nature, supposed to be easy. But then, that's not how Ken’s life worked, was it.

No. Of course not.

Were Ken the sort to believe in karma (he wasn't), he might have seen this as proof of the shitty person he really was, deep inside. After all, why else would something as simple as small talk always manage to land him these sorts of situations?

How else could Ken go to what was supposed to be a uncomplicated Christmas party, but instead, somehow find himself trapped, lying fully clothed, in the bed of the man he had been secretly harboring a crush on for more than 10 years, all while a room full of people wearing party hats and eating Christmas cake stared down at his awkward form?

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