May 30th, 2016

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Better Angels of our Nature: Judgement

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1. Prologue - The Lovers
2. The Hanged Man

Disclaimer: Ha! As if! Don't be ridiculous! You think I'd have written that 02 epilogue!? Please!

Better Angels of Our Nature

Yamato rubbed his eyes, hoping, maybe even praying, that all the answers that he was certain were contained, somewhere, within the case files spread across his desk would suddenly reveal themselves. But, after countless hours spent reading and rereading, going over and over every little documented detail, Yamato knew it would never be that easy.

He picked up the latest file, pushing the others away so he could have room to focus. Ichijouji Rika. Yamato sighed. What had been the most difficult case of his short career had, recently, become that much more difficult.

Yamato tried to remember how things had even gotten to this point. If he were being honest, he could trace it back to his own father. The older man had been worried that, despite having devoted himself to music and his band through middle school and even high school, Yamato still did not have much to show for his effort.

Add to that that Yamato wasn't exactly stupid. He could understand that the odds that he and they guys would ever have anything to show for all their work, or that they'd ever have the chance to play more than the occasional party or school festival were minimal, at best.

So Yamato allowed himself to be talked into focusing on something more practical. After all, his father had made it all sound so reasonable at the time. It would be just four or five years of college. He could still practice in his spare time, sure, but he would concentrate on earning a degree that could, if nothing else, support him if, when, he decided to refocus his efforts on his dream of being a musician.

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