March 10th, 2015


Get off my lawn!!!

On the list of things that annoy me more than they really should I would like to add:

756. DVD series that don't bother keeping the same spine design though each of their seasons.
Case in point: The BBC's Sherlock. Season three's DVD is labeled entirely different from seasons one and two. Seriously!? How hard is it to keep a little continuity!? Season three isn't even labeled as season three except in very fine print on only the front! Sheesh. I enjoy watching Sherlock, not pretending to be him whilst ferreting out the appropriate DVD.*

757. Twenty year-olds who complain about bodily aches and pains. You're not even old enough to drink yet. Stop groaning every time you have to bend over. You're not "getting old".

757 (b). Twenty year-olds who "can't even imagine" what it will be like to be 30. If you consider anything over 23 "beyond imagination," well... maybe that says more about your limited experience than anything else. I, for one, would appreciate it if I didn't have to listen to your oh-so-obviously fledgling world view at all times, on all topics. (Perhaps I should subtitle this one 20 year-olds who can't/won't shut up). :p

Okay, I think that's enough channeling of my grumpy old man for today...


*In the BBC's defense, I have since realized that I somehow managed to get season one and two through BBC America and season through the just good old fashioned BBC, hence the design differences. I will, of course be re-purchasing Sherlock, season 3 through BBC America, so frostywonder will probably be getting a copy of season 3 as well. ;)
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